Dab Review: Honey Bananas Rosin by Heads that Roll Extracts

Honey bananas – @headsthatroll Lineage/Genetics🧬: Strawberry Banana X Honey Boo Boo Original Breeder: Elemental Seeds Grower: Unknown Processor: Heads that Roll Extracts Terpene Profile: Unknown

Heads that Roll Honey Bananas Rosin Review

honey bananas live rosin by heads that roll extracts dab review by biscaynebaybudz 👃 Upon opening the jar I’m met with a strong sweet smell, after taking a big whiff. It’s almost like caramelized bananas. Giving it a sweet banana smell with a hint of earthiness to it. 👅 sweet, fruity, the banana translates to a tropical banana 🍌 taste . Honey is what gives it that sweetness 🧠 after one dab of this I am feeling very calm, zen, so relaxing puts me in a detached state of mind giving me a floating feeling. After about 2 dabs before the couch lock begins and I find myself ready to look for snacks and once my snack craving is met, after dab number 3 it was Kush nap city. This honey bananas is exactly what I need to relax when I have something that just won’t go away, or need instant relief. @headsthatroll has some of the tastiest rosin I’ve tried in a while and stayed nice and terpy til the end. The videos on the last slides show it still has that wet consistency about a month later even til the end. Can’t wait to try more from them
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Check out more reviews by @biscaynebaybudz on Instagram! (

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