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Hash Review: Honeydew Rosin by Dammit Bobby

HONEYDEW @dammit__bobby_

Lineage/Genetics: Honey Bananas x Tallymon

Original Breeder: Dammit Bobby x Archive Seeds

Single Source: Dammit Bobby

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Honeydew Rosin Review

honeydew rosin by dammit bobby hash review by cali_bud_reviews

Aroma Profile: 9.87/10 Nose Volume: 9.79/10
{Loud, Unique, & Complex. Sweet, Funky, Savory, Tropical, Fruity, & Gassy} It leads with a profile that somewhat reminds me of that dosido southern gas & deep savory bourbon funk but now with a sweet honey-nut syrup mixing with the gassy herbal cherry cookie & chem-diesel. Almost equally noticeable in dominance to the gassy funk & honey nut lead is a sweet tropical fruity profile, made of candy Banana & Melon juiciness, with just a tiny touch of fermented red fruits underneath (papaya peach strawberry mango) . Behind the more obvious layers of terps is a combination of pine-fuel, sweet&sour lemon, with a faint whif of florals under the tropicals’ herbals & spices.

Appeal: 9.85/10
Classic DB 90U appearance. Another all white patty with a little pinch of amber to it; getting lighter over time. Stable, but also super juicy & moist with milky saucy terp juices gathering at the sides & surface. This one was to perfect to whip, so I simply aerated the top layer with a few slits and watched the greasy juices fill them up not long after. The rosin was properly chunky & very easy to work with, so I cut slab-like slices off the pizza dough-like patty as needed no stir. The Jar art is epic & twisting the lid actually beheads Bobby 😆
🎨 @actionmattjackson

The Flavor: 9.8/10 F.Retention: 9.9/10 The Vapor: 9.85/10 Burnage: 9.75/10 Oil Retention: 9.89/10
The Vapor has Full Flavor with great strength for 3 heat cycles @ 510* (3d but no vapor controls). The Vapor was GASSY with major pressure, but is also surprisingly clean, smooth, & terpy on the mouth, inhale & exhale alike. The aroma translates dead on, with an emphasis on the southern-chem funky gas. The Honey-Nut sweetness & Banana-Melon tropical candy creams combine as a major overtone with the diced papaya-pineapple-peach fermented funk making a small guest appearance towards the backside of the hit. The pine-diesel pungency, lemon fuel, & herbal spices were steady undertones.

Effect: 9.6/10 Potency 9.8/10

Overall: 9.85/10
The effects were pretty damn toasty, although not quite sedating, but leads to great sleep after the 4hour strong relaxing & intoxicating buzz. Nice body buzz, chest pressure, and head pressure. Great for that afternoon, or evening session. The terp profile was to die for, & the nose was loud. The Rosin was particularly Clean, white-ish amber, and juicy af while having a thick stable coagulation of melted cold cured trichome heads. The flavor was insane, the Vapor was clean but intense, and the effects came with a potent onset that slaps. All around this jar was impeccable, hitting most all of my preferences; & creating new preferences along the way. I have many favorites from the Dammit Bobby line, but this one might just take the cake when also considering its supreme quality of cold cured hash rosin. Highly recommended. Reviews are just my personal experience, nothing to be taken medically, professionally or too seriously either! Smoke responsibly, cheers!

NFSOT! Reviews & Photos are for 21+ MJP ONLY!

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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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