Cultivar Review: Doggy Bagg by Slim’s Top Shelf

Doggy Bagg

Lineage/Genetics: (Project 4516 x Z #18)

Grown by: Slim’s Top Shelf @slims.topshelf

Bred by: Grandiflora @grandifloraglobal ✨

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Slim’s Doggy Bagg Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

doggy bagg by slim's top shelf cannabiscultivar review by pnw_chronicDoggy Bagg has outstanding bag appeal. It’s characterized by medium-sized, neon green nugs with thin leafage that ranges from dark green to purple. The purple hue turns into diverse shades of blue and black, depicting a beautiful gradient of coloration. Small patches of ginger pistils wrap into the buds here and there, and a wispy coating of sparkling trichomes covers the nugs, making them look like they are frosted with granular sugar 😍

The nose on Doggy Bagg is incredibly loud and fragrant. Its a cloyingly sweet, sugary, candy bag smell with bright layers of tropical fruit, berries, and notes warm dough. The sugared, sweetened part of the profile is tangy with a lightly spiced zing that resonates through the entire profile, while the doughy part of the profile is yeasty and rich with subdued chocolatey, earthy, and gassy notes. The aroma makes me think of pink and orange starbursts puréed together with skittles and encrusted in caramelized sugar 🍬

The DB flavor translates perfectly from the aroma. The first hit off the joint strikes the taste buds with a zesty, tangy jolt of sugar and fruit that electrifies the palette. The sweet and fruity terpenes are so indomitable that they consume the senses, leaving a faded sweetened aftertaste that makes the tip of the tongue and lips tingle and lightly numb. There’s also some subtle flavors of frothy, doughy gas that shows up more on exhale and increase in potency the further down the joint burns 🍭

DB has a solid effect. It creates an instant feeling of light-headedness and an elevating weightlessness in the body. It’s an overall light and functional, but especially enjoyable, high. The flower is soft, not sticky, and produces a moderate amount of small and large grain kief when ground. It smokes perfectly and smoothly all the way down with some minor dryness. Overall, it’s an enjoyable smoking experience 😶‍🌫️

All in all, the Doggy Bagg is wonderful. It easily checks all the boxes, but where it really stands out is the lip-smackingly good profile that is best describe as candied candy. Stellar work all around 🔥



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