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Strain Review: Frosted Apricots by In House Genetics

Frosted Abricots « Hyasabi pheno » 🥶🌸🍃🌏🌶🍑⛽️ Lineage/Geneitcs: Irene OG (apricot cut) x Slurricane #7 Original Breeder: In House Genetics @inhousegenetics_official Grower: The Wook of Wall Street @crustythewook

Frosted Apricots Strain Review

– – Oh fuck me, what a showstopper we have rite here !! Look at this crazy multilayered/exotic structure 🥰🏆 The thick white trichome blanket inherited from the Slurricane reveals some beautiful purple eggplant & midnight blue hues. The flowers have a unique mineral texture that translates to the tactile feeling. A perfect visual introduction of what’s following. – – The nose for me is composed like this : ornament flowers stem rub , floral bitter sweet symphony (hyacinth/geranium) , green earthy peppery spice « wasabi » like. All these aromas are complemented by that white mineral foamy slurricane terp & makes a fascinating aromatic synergy. – – Taste : vapour is sweet chalky earthy spice on the inhale & turns apricot gas on the exhale, the lower the temp the sweeter the taste, high temp brings straight earthy/mineral feelings. – – The effects are the perfect daydream, slow paced, trance like high that is really versatile although more aim to the late evenings/night action. Just like eating some mysterious poisonous/enthogenic/hallucinogenic ornament flowers you won’t feel the effects immediately. This strain doesn’t have the usual initial alert & headerush I usually get from other similar lineage. You won’t notice at first but then find yourself in a deeeep inspiring oniric mood filled with special thoughts & sensations all drenched in time dilatation ⏳🤪🚀 – – This strain has one of the most unique & coherent organoleptic, esthetic & psychoactive personality I ever have I think. But at the same time I have to reckon that it won’t fits a lot of tastebuds out there, again because of that special uniqueness. Personally I’m a big fan & am already looking forward to the next batch. – – #inhousegenetics #slurricane7 #ireneapricot #strainreview #strainreviews #weedporn #hightimes #cannabiscommunity #cannabisculture #420
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French cannabis lover, that became hooked when first growing OG & Haze in high school.

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French cannabis lover, that became hooked when first growing OG & Haze in high school.

One thought on “Strain Review: Frosted Apricots by In House Genetics

  • Michael Leucate

    Wow bro thats some sweet looking bud. I want to try it!


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