Strain Review: Afghani Pie by JahFrenchKush

Afghani Pie 🌲🪵🍐🍋⛽️

Lineage/Genetics: Afghani mother X « JFK mysterious Kush father »

Original Breeder: JahFrenchKush

Grower: JahFrenchKush

Afghani Pie Strain Review

Bred & grown by @jahfrenchkush
S/O to my man @treeshunterclub

Ok fam, finally got my hands on some of that JFK work 😍 The man seems to have a special heart for the genetics I love too, let’s get right into it !

The nose starts with staight sour & woody pine (old school) & evolves in a bit glue-ish sweet solvant/chemical funk fashion. There is also a kind of strange pear/cucumber mix to it. The grind reveals a more limey/earthy twist.

Taste : pine/glue/woody elements turn turn sour & earthy once heat is applied. It becomes almost gassy, pine sap tongue tingling in the lower temps range on my vapes. I would say that the taste is more complex than the nose & shows a very interesting change from it 🤪 That sourness is well complemented by that strange woody pear/cucumber fruit. This terp profile is one of my favorite coming from the Kush/Sour hybrids family though it’s not as mouthwatering or loud as some I had in the past like the Frozen Margy male from Cannarado for example.

High : effects comes on slowly, defo Afghani dominant I would say, waves of physical/mental relaxation gently wash over you. More evening / late night oriented though it’s not a pure knockout sedative punch to the face, it’s more slow paced & dreamy with some mindful/trippy highlights. My type of medicine 🥰👌

Pretty impressed with the work done here, I think I never have such a well done « Sour strain » bred & grown domestically 🇫🇷🏆 Next JFK review will be the Melonade bred with the same Kush father. Stay tuned 👊

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French cannabis lover, that became hooked when first growing OG & Haze in high school.

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French cannabis lover, that became hooked when first growing OG & Haze in high school.

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