Strain Review: Tangerine Dream by San Rafael ’71

Tangerine dream is one of my favourite looking, tasting and smelling strains! Citrusy and earthy. 🍊 •

Lineage/Genetics: G13 x Afghani x Neville’s A5 Haze

Original Breeder: Barney’s Farm

Grower: San Rafael ’71

San Rafael ’71 Tangerin Dream Strain Review

My dad had wanted to try a fun, uplifting strain so I’d picked him up some of this to try. It definitely gave them the giggles and had them reaching for the chips. •

Around 12% from @sanrafael71. It wasn’t as dry as it had been the previous times I’d purchased it, but still some room to improve. I just bought a gram, the nugs were a pretty purple with hints of green and beautiful, vibrant orange hairs. Dominant terpenes are #myrcene, #caryophyllene, #limonene and #guaiol. •

#Tangerinedream can be a great strain for those needing relief from depression, pain, inflammation and tight muscles. This strain is often accompanied by euphoria, focus and mental clarity. In large amounts, some may be left couch locked and sleepy 🛌

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