Strain Review: 8 Ball Kush by 18twelve

🎱 8 Ball Kush by 18twelve is a divisive strain when looking at its other reviews online. First sold under their original banner “Royal High” it was derided for boasting >30% THC counts while having a very muted nose and being bone dry. While similar complaints were common in the earlier days of legalization, they were especially biting towards Royal High. More current comment sections are a mix of more recent love and people feeling misled by the rebrand. And while the marketing side of the rebrand may have been sloppy, meaningful changes in their grow and production are evident.

Lineage/Genetics: Afghani

Original Breeder: Barney’s Farm

Grower: 18twelve

8 Ball Kush Strain Review

The nose on opening the container is best described as pastel kush 🖍️. The caryophylene is in the fore, immediately hitting you with a peppery herbaceousness 🌿. The classic kush smell of spice, lemons, and sandalwood jumps out at first, but underneath is a similar smell but if it was made in to a milkshake. The kushiness is not muted but, just like pastel colours, presents as vibrant but softened. These subtleties can be fully appreciated because of the freshness. Despite being packaged back in November the bud remained super sticky, and would be good to go without rehydration for any joint or vape user. The nugs are large, dense, and coated 🤩

Smoking, I first noticed how smooth it was. This was cured expertly, and its most likely why it stayed so fresh. On the exhale, the initial smelling notes leave and the creamy kush lingers on the back of the tongue. I immediately felt it behind my eyes, not experiencing the normal initial slight uplift from a Rockstar or even a Pink Kush. The super sedating side of the King Kush in its lineage comes through. While heavier indica users may only feel a couch-lock at the start, this high invariably finishes in bed.

Overall the 8 Ball Kush is a very underrated and less popular offering than it deserves to be. Gaining an initial bad rep, they have since addressed their issues and are clearly selecting for more than just THC. A great choice for anyone looking for a more sedating strain that tastes more nuanced than just gas. ⛽🍋🌿🖍️🎱

..and yea I know the Lego astronaut makes no sense but I like it. 🙃


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