Strain Review: El Dorado by The Edison Cannabis Co.

El Dorado is a hybrid by @theedisonco.

Lineage/Genetics: Mexican sativa

Original Breeder: Sativa Seeds

Grower: The Edison Cannabis Co.

El Dorado Strain Review

The buds were an ok size, slightly dry but I liked the colours.

Bright orange pistils and different shades of green.

The smell and taste were earthy and a bit herbal.

Prominent terpenes are #Myrcene, #caryophyllene and #pinene. •

The effects were uplifting and focused.

I didn’t feel anxious or gittery.

I really liked how focused I felt, making it a great strain for studying, reading or getting some creative work done or someone struggling with ADHD, depression or fatigue.

This one was just over 17%.

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