Drinkable Review: Yawn Drops by VeryVell

I love the concept of these VeryVell @veryvellthen cannabis yawn drops, water soluble, rapid onset, discreet and a good price point.

Processor: VeryVell

VeryVell Cannabis Drops Review

yawn drops by veryvell drinkable review by brandiisbaked 2It’s an easy way to infuse pretty much anything. I was so excited to infuse my water which wasn’t a great idea, it had a bitter taste but not like cannabis. It could be the chamomile extract. I’m sure a couple drops would have been fine but with 2 drops equaling 1mg of THC, I needed a fair amount. These drops are great in something flavourful, I really like them in coffee, tea and soup. I can’t taste them at all. The effects kicked in within about 20 minute, I felt relaxed, social and very giggly. Have you tried these? How do you use them?

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Check out more reviews by @brandiisbaked on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/brandiisbaked)

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