Strain Review: Pot Roast by Focus North

Guess who’s back. Back again. StoneMan’s back. With a review.

Now, if you’re looking for a more high quality experience in your smoke than you’ll get with my rhymes, Pot Roast is a good option.

Lineage/Genetics: Meat Breath x GMO

Original Breeder: Focus North

Grower: Focus North

Dispensary: TreeHouse Collective or Oregrown

Pot Roast Strain Review

pot roast by focus north strain review by pdxstoneman 2It’s a Meat Breath X GMO cross, and it smells like it. Earthy, meaty, just a little bit of baking spice. I’d be surprised if there wasn’t a good deal of terpinolene and humulene in there, because it has a lot of those fresh earth, musty basement notes that come with Meat Breath crosses or the Animal Mints from @evans_creek_farms.

The high is real intense. Super strong body high that might leave prone individuals with some anxiety to deal with. That’s probably my biggest “gripe” with the shit, but even then it’s just something you gotta learn to get through as a stoner with anxiety problems. Some chest tightness and mild lightheadedness on the exhale as well. Like, it’s honestly not my favorite thing @focusnorthgardens runs, but it’s still a solid offering. That’s how I identify a high quality farm. When the stuff I don’t like that much is still of noticeably high quality, that’s a good producer.

The high had a lot of the stoniness you’d expect from it’s parents. Stoney and heavy, it’s that shit that leaves you on the couch with half eyes watching a 2 hour documentary on Nostradamus.

I had some issues with unwanted, intrusive thoughts with this stuff, so I probably wouldn’t recommend it to someone with issues surrounding delusions, thought control, or hallucinations. If you are or know someone who is like that and need some help choosing some weed, please holler at me. Shit like that is one of my favorite aspects of this hobby.

This is another great offering from one of, if not the, best farms in the state. They have some other options I’ll probably be looking for before this one in the future, but I still recommend you give it a try. I’ll still always love their Tropicana Cookies better than anything. Grab their shit at @thc.pdx and @oregrownindustries. There are other places to find their products, but none I can recommend above those two. There’s a reason I have a reader that drives to @thc.pdx all the way from Hillsboro.

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