Dab Review: Lemon Royale Hash Rosin by Terp Herder Concentrates

Lemon Royale

Lineage/Genetics: (Lemon Tree x (GMO x Triangle Kush))

Grower: Eastwood Gardens @eastwood_portland

Processor: Terp Herder Concentrates @terp_herder ✨

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Lemon Royale Hash Rosin Review

The Lemon Royale is a gorgeous, golden-yellow, 90u hash rosin. It’s a solid batter with a sugar-like consistency that is cohesive and easy to separate into a desired amount. The rosin has a slightly saturated surface with an almost granular viscosity making up the body of the concentrate, giving it a tantalizing and distinct look 😍

The smell on the Lemon Royale is astonishing. I would describe the aroma as a citrusy, lemon fruit explosion with layers of effervescent seasoned spice and gassy funk under it all. The tang from the coalescence of scents is beguiling, inviting the consumer to take deep, aromatic whiffs. I found myself sniffing the jar before and after each dab, really absorbing and relishing the intricacy of the scent 🍋

The taste on the Lemon Royale is just as outstanding as the smell. Lip-puckering sour citrus and lemon are the primary flavors with strong supporting notes of sour kush and effervescent spice. The gassiness from the acerbic kush side of the profile enhances the initial citrus tang in the flavor, giving it more depth and prominence. Dabbing the rosin takes me through layers of flavor from fruity and sour citrus to GMO to gassy Kush. Overall, the Lemon Royale is delicious, complex, and enthralling in terms of flavor profile 🤤

The high on the Lemon Royale is stupendous. Its an immediate slumper that provides a fuzzy head high and weighted headband feeling after dabbing even a small amount. It produces a wave of relaxation that can be felt all through the head and down the neck and back. The concentrate burns cleanly and is a smooth dab with minimal harshness. All in all, its an exceedingly satisfying dabbing experience 😶‍🌫️

Overall, the Lemon Royale is a phenomenal hash rosin. It checks all of the boxes down the list easily, but beyond that, it’s a unique balance of its parts. Lemon, GMO, and Kush are well known, but this cultivar is a stellar mix of all of its lineage. It produces a profile that is diverse, highly appealing, and translates perfectly from the flower it was made from. Phenomenal work all around from Eastwood and Terp Herder 🔥



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