Edible Review: Orange Hibiscus Focus Mints by Kikoko

Kikoko’s cannabis infused botanical mints are your “little helpers” that you can keep in your pocket. Their Focus Mints are a 3:1 CBD:THC ratio and are hibiscus orange flavored.

Brand: kikoko

Kikoko Orange Hibiscus Focus Mints Review

Besides the CBD and THC, the mints also contain vitamins B6 and B12 and no added sugars. It’s plant based and 100% natural. 3mg of cbd and 1mg of thc per mint. I took two in row.

The mints are not overpoweringly sour or cooling. More orange than hibiscus for me but a pleasant chalky breakdown that dissolves quickly.

Think like a little spicy orange tic tac.

This is effectively a THC microdose and a slightly bigger CBD microdose. The flavor itself will wake you up and the fact that there are twenty in a bottle means you can dose to your preferred level of high and focus.

I found these mints very useful for heavy smoke sessions where a baseline amount of CBD was good for grounding.

Kikoko’s focus mints are an infused pick-me-up that might seem like a small dosage but are a perfect intro edible or a perfect supplement to the heavy smoker.

A mellow focus that tugs at me like:


The buzz mints are also good for a more buzzed leggo.

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  • Founder of The Highest Critic
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  • Certified Ganjier
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