Edible Review: Jolts by Edison Cannabis Co.

⚡Edison Jolts are the newest answer to Ontario’s arbitrary and ridiculously low limits on edible potency.

Processor: Edison Cannabis Co.

Dispensary: Ontario Cannabis Store

Jolts Edible Review

Normally edibles are capped at 10mg a package, forcing anyone with any kind of tolerance to buy multiples for a good time, and forcing regular consumers to do the same just to catch a buzz. However, these are technically not edibles. Since they are called lozenges instead of mints OCS is fine with the explanation that they are meant for absorption rather than eating/digesting. They come in a pack of 10 with 10mg of THC per small piece, letting you fit an easily consumable 100mg in your lighter pocket.

Their taste may leave something to be desired from those used to the tastier and tastier edibles we are getting. Original Hall’s, just plain lozenge taste complete with light menthol. But on the plus side they have 0 weird bitter distillate aftertaste.

As for effects, they are very similar to a sativa gummy except with the option to go stronger and have a faster onset. You feel the uplift from the sativa as the high starts to set in but in a much more gradual and sustained way than smoking. Onset time is the same as any edible if you pop em like pills but if you let them dissolve in your mouth you can let much of it absorb under your tongue to feel effects quicker, just like using an oil sublingually.

Overall Edison Jolts are a great option for those plain annoyed with the OCS. Offering 100 mg in a single package for the same price as three typical 10mg packages is premo, and even on par with many capsules. Pop em all to go ham on a night out or throw em in your top pocket for sustained dosing throughout the day. Or however it is you like your edibles, but at a third of the price. ⚡🤧😅😂🤣

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