Strain Review: Black Cherry Punch by Edison Cannabis Co.

🍒Edison’s Black Cherry Punch is a super flavorful expression of this already super flavorful strain.

Lineage/Genetics: Purple Punch x Black Cherry Pie

Original Breeder: In House Genetics

Grower: Edison Cannabis Co.

Edison Black Cherry Punch Review

First, I want to mention that it irks me how Organigram sells strains with such a vast difference in quality under the same Edison banner. Strains like Lola Montes and City Lights are not representative of the quality seen in Limelight, ICC, or this, the Black Cherry Punch.

The bag appeal was about as bomb as possible for 1g containers 🤩. Of the two I got one was a single nug and the other (in the pic) was very close to the same. Both were fresh, spongey, and well covered in crystals. The nose was sugary sweet with an undertone of citrus. Think a bowl of fresh sangria with fruity sweet spirits being balanced by the zesty orange slices.

As for effects, Edison’s cut stays very true the original iteration of the strain. The limonene gives an immediate uplift that settles in to a more stoney high, but still very functional and not sedating. Tension in the temples leaves and a state of calm enters both the body and spirit (hehe 😅). This is similar to Blue Dream except with more profound body effects and not quite as much energy. It may be more similar to Shishkaberry but with more energy.

Overall this is a great choice for anyone looking for either a respite or pick me up at any time of day. When your back is aching but you still have stuff to get done. It’s an even greater pick if you vape, or just like your weed to taste delicious. So get up, get yours, but don’t forget to relaaaaaax. 🍒🍋⛱️🦫😌


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