Concentrate Review: Jean Guy Kief by Good Supply

💚Good Supply’s Jean Guy Kief is an amazing product that is only possible because of the massive scale production after legalization. In a smart move Good Supply has started selling the unprocessed kief of some of their more popular and flavorful flower. Growing in such scale is the only way a product like this is feasible, let alone possible.

Lineage/Genetics: White Widow

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower/Processor: Good Supply

Jean Guy Kief Review

Now kiefs are not new to the market but all so far have just been like lower quality bubble hash. They are sifted very fine using what must be bud so old its only good for processing any more. They are potent but lack in any flavor and even if they are strain specific it does not translate in any meaningful way. The Good Supply is different in that it actually takes advantage of being a kief. The sift used is larger than average, as can be seen in its darker than average colour. The texture is more similar to fresh soil than fine sand. This results in a lower THC than could otherwise be achieved, though it is still stronger than many (my current jar is at 31.26%). And in combination with their using fresher flower, it makes one of the most flavorful solventless extracts, other than rosin.

The taste is exactly like Jean Guy flower. It is overwhelmingly dominated by limonene with mainly caryophylene and pinene rounding it out. The citrus is at the front both during the inhale and exhale but the smell of the forest lingers on. The same terpenes are also responsible for the strain specific effects. While most kiefs just feel like kief this one gives a massive boost in energy, just like Jean Guy is famous for. It feels like all the reasons I love the Sour Diesel family but also why many are scared of any bud labelled “sativa”. Rush and racing and rapid eye movement. This would be perfect to soup up a J at the pre party or in the bong with coffee in the morning. The point is its UP.

Good Supply’s Jean Guy kief has changed what kiefs should be on the legal market. If you want a bubble hash or dry sift there are plenty available. But if you are willing to sacrifice a THC point or two for flavor and strain specific effects this a fantastic alternative midway between flower and more hardcore concentrates. ☕🍋🐇💨💚


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