Strain Review: No. 417 Indigo Daze by Haven St

🏘️ Haven St’s No. 417 Indigo Daze is a very unique expression of a much beloved strain, Sensi Star. Known for its smack your face diesel sweetness the strain’s typical terpene profile features caryophylene with notable but undoubtedly second-string linalool.

Lineage/Genetics: Sensi Star

Original Breeder: Haven St

Grower: Haven St

No. 417 Indigo Daze Strain Review

The Indigo Daze differs in that the linalool is now leading the band and the caryophylene is barely allowed backstage. While the strain name most likely refers to the bud’s beautiful cobalt colour, the terp profile also gives the bud a taste 711 would call Indigo Posey Petals in their fancy Japanese slushee machines. Not as sweet as strains like Purple Punch or Tangerine Dream, it is more balanced with the floral linalool creating a delectable subtlety 🌺🥰.

The effects follow exactly what you would expect of a linalool heavy strain, providing an overriding ease of tension and body relaxation without the couch lock that can accompany strains more skunky (myrcene) or the sedation from the peppery ones (caryophylene). The high THC (generally >25%, my current bottle is at 26.5) immediately hits and I always feel my shoulders unwind 😌. It is amazing at putting you in touch with your body and I cannot wait to smoke a fat J of it when the sauna is back open.

The one negative about this strain is its bag appeal. The nugs are generally on the dryer and smaller side, however this is not as big an issue because of its extremely dense bud structure. Despite it being dry there is no flakiness and very minimal shake left in the container. And despite the nugs being smaller the insides are still very well protected and full of trichomes and flavour.

The Indigo Daze has become my #1 recommendation for linalool. Whether looking to get stoney but not sleepy, enjoying the evening with a partner, or even just looking to smoke the most flowery flower the Daze is a great and affordable option. This cut of Sensi Star keeps its high THC % while replacing the usual sedation with pure relaxation and good vibes. 💙🌷🌸🌹😊


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