Strain Review: Secret Address by Haven St

🏘️ Haven St’s Secret Address is a new addition to this quickly expanding brand’s menu. Haven St. has positioned themselves on the higher end of the middle tier, sourcing premium cannabis at a less than premium price. Normally I am a big fan and a consistent customer, but this strain was a bit of a mess.

Lineage/Genetics: Glueberry OG

Original Breeder: Dutch Passion

Grower: Haven St

Secret Address Strain Review

Opening the jar the smell does not really pop. It is more muted but sugary sweet. The strain’s actual name, “Glueberry OG” is spot on. There is an undertone of petrol as with most caryophylene dominant strains. However, instead of a top note of spice and pepper it is of blackberry jam still on the stove. The visual bag appeal was the best part of the bud. The nugs were on the larger side and had good trichome coverage. It was dryer than average, and the looser bud structure would benefit from rehydrating to change it from brittle to spongey.

Smoking the bud, every bit of the aroma comes out in the taste. Inhaling this is like drinking a fruit brandy. However on the exhale the harshness is a problem, as if that brandy went down the wrong pipe. In my coughing the fruit taste still lingered but I was obviously unable to fully enjoy it.

Concerning the effects, those particular to the strain were strong but overall the high did not feel like the 26.3% THC it tests at. Unlike most caryophylene dominant strains I did not feel it behind my eyes from the first toke, though I did feel my shoulders drop and mind relax as soon as my initial coughing subsided.The sleepiness did come eventually after a couple of hours with the stuff, though I never achieved the full high I aim for, especially after work.

Overall this was a bit of a disappointment. It was dryer, like most Haven St. products, but did not have the benefit of a dense bud structure like the Indigo Daze or the Sonic Express. After some time with a Boveda this may be a great bud to vape for lower tolerance users looking to get to bed with something tasty, but to be honest there are bettter options for that. ⛽🫐🍒💤😒

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