Strain Review: Mandarin Sunset by Stoner Girl Grows

Mandarin Sunset – @stonergirlgrows

Nose: Sweet, citrus, sugary, piney, earthy
Inhale: Earthy, sweet, citrus, gassy, floral
Exhale: Citrus, woody, earthy, diesel, piney

Lineage/Genetics 🧬: Herijuana x Orange Skunk

Bred by: Ethos Genetics

Cultivated by: Stoner Girl Grows

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Mandarin Sunset Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Hey what’s up everyone? I’m clearing out the remaining material I have from the High Tolerance event I went to back in February and that will conclude with the second installment I have from Stoner Girl Grows. While I gave most of the background information on Stoner Girl Grows covered in my first review, I don’t think I included that she has a special knack for cultivating a variety of offerings from the Ethos Genetics catalog. After enjoying the Granpa’s Stash she cultivated I wanted to dive into the Mandarin Sunset I also grabbed from her for a subsequent review. If you are unaware, the Mandarin Sunset falls under the Ethos breeding line as well. This cultivar features a cross between Herijuana and Orange Skunk, which usually results in a piney, orange terps with extremely balanced medicinal effects when done right. Let’s waste no more time and get into the facts!

When I received the Mandarin Sunset, it came in the same pink, foiled packaging that I received the Grandpas Stash in which depicted the Stoner Girl logo on it. I won’t elaborate much on it as I already did in my previous review. Upon opening up the seal on the package, a very sweet smell seeped out. Earthy and sugary overtones matched with hints of coffee and citrus, this nose was simple and sweet. Colossal in structure, only one fat, sphere-like nug made up this eighth weighing a little over 4gs (thank you!). A small piece chipped off when taking it out of the bag and I was forced to break them down into smaller ones in order to take microscope shots.

Consisting of a leafy/larfy, soft texture these lime green bud possessed a considerable trichrome coverage with pistils periodically popping out from underneath the structure. When held closely up to my nose I caught a faint whiff of some citrus diesel notes, however; the overall nose on the Mandarin Sunset was not the strongest I have come across in recent memory. The yield I received upon breaking up the bud was decent although requiring me to use a little extra when filling the joint to compensate for the airiness. Once taking a dry pull from the joint, an overly sweet and sugary taste took over containing earthy gas undertones.

When I sparked the Mandarin Sunset in an Organic RAW, the initial inhales struck a blend of piney citrus and sweet diesel terps. A slightly bitter tangie taste was left on the tongue to go along with those distinct notes of diesel. On the way out, the same orange, tangie-like taste was felt on the exhale with a touch of piney diesel left lingering on my breath afterwards. The terp profile on this took my by surprise given the nose this cultivar fed off. About a 1/4 of the way into the sesh I noticed the citrus notes starting to amplify which exhibited a mild flowery taste. This didn’t last long though as I really couldn’t notice much else apart from those overriding terps of orange, diesel, and pine that dragged out through the duration of the sesh. The burn on this was fair but drew an inconsistent ash resulting in a lighter grey complexion at certain periods and darker grey during others. Despite this, those delectable citrusy diesel notes formed a drippy res ring circling the perimeter of the joint. Towards the end of the sesh, I did notice a woody taste develop during the exhale complementing those gaseous pine terps. All in all, I was fairly surprised by the outcome of this smoke. While I didn’t think this possessed anything out of the ordinary when it came this cultivar’s terp profile, this harvest of Mandarin Sunset still smoked very well (and clean) making it par for the course.

Simply put, the medicinal effects on the Mandarin Sunset were highly desirable. It didn’t take more than a little past halfway through the sesh for them to kick into effect. This started with a very mild head buzz creating an light, airy feeling in the center of my temple. Staying true to its nature, this cultivar didn’t take long to hit the body either displaying its knack for a balanced high. While this hit the full body from head to toe with a haze this wasn’t overpowering or sedating to say the least the least. This was more of a calm that cut into the energetic, perceptive feeing that helped me power through the day. About half an hour in and there on, a steady raciness formed within my heart. However, this was not powerful enough to overtake the full body calm already established which really ended up taking the cake for this experience. Personally, this had to be one of the most ideal day smokes I’ve come across recently that just hit the soul proper. Lasting around an hour an half to two hours, the high ended up being as durable as they were effective with a very smooth comedown in the process. Where some of the features on this cultivar may have lacked, the medicinal effects that the Mandarin Sunset brought about made up for it and then some making it the catalyst for the positive experience.

After having a chance to try the Mandarin Sunset, as well as my second offering from the Stoner Girl Garden, I think that this is another keeper that will only get better as it becomes more dialed in over time. I thought between this and the Grandpas Stash the Mandarin Sunset ended up being a close second but that doesn’t mean it won’t appeal to veteran smokers. Although it doesn’t possess a cutting-edge terp profile, this cultivar resulted in a flavorful smoke that will be enjoyed by those who crave something on the sweet and gassy side. Especially if you are one who enjoys the taste of tangie and diesel you will be in for a treat. However, the treat within this cultivar has to lie within its well-balanced medicinal effects. If you are one who gravitates towards a solid day smoke that still possesses some quality body-numbing effects this is the one. This 50/50 hybrid has potential to reach a wide array of smokers including those on the medical side. I wanted to thank Stoner Girl Grows for hooking it up on the fat eights as well as taking interest in my review page at the event. It was great to take to the time to learn about your brand and I will look forward to seeing more from you in the future.



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