Strain Review: Point Break by 9 Mile Farm

@surfr cut

Lineage/Genetics: Tropicanna Cookies x Trophy Wife (Wedding Cake F2)

Original Breeder: Surfr Seeds

Grower: 9 Mile Farm

9 Mile Farm Point Break Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

When the #caiforniaherbsman originally contacted me, I didn’t know what to expect, as I never had the traditional market in california. But After some digging, I learned of top quality indoor grows, all done with LEDS & added uv bars by @growerschoice . Then the indoor flower is ready for clean, solventless extractions by @antigravity_solventless ! Getting my hands on some of the dry flower is a rare privilege! But thankfully for the REC market smokers of Oklahoma & California, 9mile has big things in the works !!

Appeal: 94/100
the structure reminds me of a gmo look mixed with a tangie sativa look, long & stretchy, somewhat leafy, somewhat spacey, but with a nice nugged finish, mostly long orange pistils, and a few short clumpy ones. Great dry/cure with the ‘frozen’ crisp finish. trichomes are long with nice heads on them, giving the salted look, but also has some ‘fuzzy’ trichome coverage also. Little Sticky, but somewhat kiefy as well,

Aroma: 96/100
Sweet Orange citrus, mixed with vanilla ice cream, brings heavy orange creamsicle terps. Behind that is heavy greasy deep fried scent, but it’s also sweet and creamy, similar to fairgrounds funnel cake. Breaking nugs reveals the citrus tangie, vanilla cream, grease more, but also reveals a light og skunk, and a light hint of chemdog/ gmo funk

DRYPULL: 96/100
Couldn’t stop puffing the dry pull, sweet cream, orange and vanilla, creamsicle, deep fried grease, funnel cake, powdered sugar, with a sweet floral, and slight gmo musk

burn 87/100 taste 94/100
Amazing, matches scent, orange creamsicle terps. Very sweet, very creamy, tangie trop notes, with a gassy herbal musky funk, light chemdawg funk notes. The greasy sweet vanilla cream puff terp is mouthwatering. Burn was pure white inner ash, with salt and pepper outsides. Minimal terp ring.

Effect 93/100 potency 93/100
The mind & body start with a Stoney relaxed vibe, but a gnarly energy & potency rush hit at the same time. Soaring cerebral buzz, motivational, & productive! 3hr strong effects

Overall: 93.75/100
Delicious terps! Great appeal! Powerful effects!

Nothing is ever for sale

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Check out more reviews by @cali_bud_reviews on Instagram ( and YouTube (!

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