The Backpack Boyz Name Origin Story

Many people might have already guessed that the Boyz half of the world renown Backpack Boyz brand name was inspired by Wiz Khalifa. Now, THC is stoked to report the whole Backpack Boyz name origin story.

Brand: Backpack Boyz

I was listening to the First Smoke of the Day podcast hosted by Blackleaf x PackGods. while having my first smoke of the day and Episode 39 just so happened to feature Juan Quesada, the founder of Backpack Boyz. Quesada dropped a lot of wisdom in this episode and concisely answered a question that had been on my mind for years now. I highly recommend that you watch the full podcast below, like, and subscribe so they can keep making fire content! Literally cannabis history in the making. Shoutout to pressurereviews for turning me on to the podcast.

How did Backpack Boyz start?

Backpack Boyz started off as a California Prop 215 delivery service in 2017. Quesada got set up with a legal Prop 215 delivery service by paying a lawyer $4200. Quesada told the podcast hosts:

“A month later he gave me a binder that said I had a Prop 215 delivery service and that’s how it started.”

Where did Backpack Boyz get its name from?

Quesada continued:

“As far as the name, at the time I would always have a backpack bro because I was into MMA like really tough. I fought professionally, fought amateur – fought a lot of amateur fights and all. But I used to always run around with my backpack. I would have to cut weight for you know my fight camps and little shit like that so I wouldn’t be able to just eat anything, I would always need spare clothes or shit to shower in for after I get off the mat. So I’m always running around with my backpack all the time. So then my boy that I was around, it kind of rubbed off on him. He would always run around with his backpack with the shit that he would need throughout the day. So finally it came down to like – what are we gonna call this?
So I asked him: ‘What’s going to be our name and this and that?’
He just looked at me hella simple bro and was like: ‘What you mean bro? Backpack Boyz.’
I was like: ‘Backpack Boyz?’
He was like: ‘Yeah fool, we always got our backpacks and We Dem Boyz.’
I thought it was kind of funny how he spit out with that but then I just looked at him right after he said that and I said: ‘Damn you right, I can fuck with that.’”

That’s just from the first 5 minutes. Watch/listen to the whole thing! Thanks for reading this article. Stay tuned for more gems of cannabis history.

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