Strain Review: Berry White by Caliber

🎙️Berry White by Caliber is the answer for anyone looking for a lighter flower grown to craft standards. As a strain bred for its unique characteristics the 11% THC is intentional and not just a bad batch otherwise only fit for prerolls. And at around $5 a gram you cannot ask for more.

Lineage/Genetics: Blueberry x White Widow

Original Breeder: Green Beanz Seeds

Grower: Caliber

Dispensary: Ontario Cannabis Store

Berry White Strain Review

The bag appeal is on the high end, even compared to products officially given the “craft” OCS label. My hq was split in to three very large buds that were trimmed perfectly by hand. The slow cure was well preserved because in spite of the price they include a Boveda. And thank goodness because the terps on this are amazing. White Widow crossed with Blueberry, the limonene and guaiol are at the fore bring the taste of blueberry compote with just a touch of zest. The myrecene does not display its usual skunkiness but interplays with the sweeter terps to create a rich milkshake flavor that coats the mouth on the exhale.

The overall effects were expectedly light, though stronger than I would expect from the 11% number. The strain specific effects were very similar to Blue Dream with an uplift accompanying profound body relief. However, those without a THC tolerance may feel only a short-lived rush and experience more of its “indica” label getting glued to the couch.

Caliber’s Berry White is perfectly grown cannabis worthy of a craft label. The standards used in its growing and packaging, along with its incredible bag appeal, means you do not have to compromise quality when looking for a lighter option. 🍋🫐🍨🤩


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