Strain Review: Gorilla Berry by Greenseal

🦍 Gorilla Berry by Greenseal is their cut of Glueberry OG. Delicious with caryophyllene’s sweeter ⛽ notes transformed by trace terps in to berry coulis. It also takes advantage of the high THC and bud structure of the OG. Greenseal takes it a step further with very pronounced myrcene adding a richness that makes the coulis in to a milkshake 🍨

Lineage/Genetics: Glueberry OG

Original Breeder: Greenseal

Grower: Greenseal

Dispensary: Ontario Cannabis Store

Gorilla Berry Strain Review

gorilla berry by greenseal strain review by terple grapes 2All of this as soon as you rip the top. A comforting smell that will take you back to those Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bars 🍰. Surprising as the rest of the bag appeal was just meh. The nugs were a decent size and appeared well covered in trichomes. However you can tell from the rounded peaks and the sugar leaves everywhere that they were machine trimmed in a tumbler, and it unfortunately shows in the micro pic with almost every trichome head on the outside destroyed (compare micro pic 1 to 2). Thankfully due to the tighter bud structure and larger nug size it became less of an issue than it otherwise may have been. The main reason the bag appeal was only average despite doing well in its other aspects.. freshness. Almost crumbly the cure is wanting making a very harsh smoke. It is still flavourful as the terps are well preserved but this stuff is a great example of why both total terp % and moisture % are useful numbers to know per lot 🌵

The actual high was not lacking in any way. With the first bowl I felt an immediate ease in my shoulders and my mind went numb. Unlike most caryophyllene heavy strains I did not feel a pressure behind my eyes, nor did I crash. Maybe owing to this cut’s high levels of pinene, which did not display its usual mental stimulation (did they cancel each other out? 🤔🙃). What I experienced can simply be described as mindlessness. I was absent, gone, spaced the funk out. Trailer Park Boys streamed episode after episode as I giggled stupidly, stresses gone. The spaciness felt stronger than the actual high, if that makes sense. Mental faculties can be summoned when needed but slip away unless in use

Overall Gorilla Berry makes a tasty option for those prioritizing the high. The harshness may be an issue for some but it was a fun ride.. at least what I remember 🍓🫐⛽🍨🤤

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