Strain Review: Sky Cuddler Double Kush by Reef Organic

💞 Reef Organic’s Sky Cuddler Double Kush

Lineage/Genetics: (Hollywood Pure Kush x (Sour Diesel x (PK x (Urkel x Black Afi)))) x Sky Cuddler Kush

Original Breeder: Mean Gene (Freeborn Selections)

Grower: Reef Organic

Dispensary: Ontario Cannabis Store

Sky Cuddler Double Kush Strain Review

My last review of Reef (Ghost Train Haze) likened them to farm fresh heirloom produce and the comparison holds for this very unique strain. Like all Reef it is grown organically in their state of the art living koi aquaponics facility. However, the Sky Cuddler comes from the legendary Mean Gene. His strains are not only known for being robust with little variation among generations, but for being unique and full in their terp and taste profiles. According to him, “If you hate fruity weed, you’ll love these because they are so gnarly at the same time.. but if you love fruity weed, you’ll love these since they have really sweet hints to them as well”

With a family tree too complicated to list and kush back crosses galore, the bud structure is amazing despite the more complex terp profile. Opening the container the one fear I had after Reef’s GTH was put to bed. Being not only grown but packaged with a mentality of sustainability first can mean that some popcorn makes the jars, but with Mean Gene’s superior breeding there is none. We get all the benefits of small batch heirloom produce while the negatives have been selectively bred out.

The nose on here is beautiful. A top note straight out of the perfume section at Saks. The linalool and farnesene are on full display with the caryophyllene making their floral notes deeper and all encompassing. The farnesene also shows off some of its cedar nose in the under notes. On the inhale the caryophyllene is in the fore showing off as a gassy sweetness that almost tastes like a lavender bourbon. This note lingers on the aftertaste letting you truly experience how sweet and rosey the strain is.

The overall high is lighter considering it tests at 25% THC. By no means a slouch, the high is just gentle and very much a “cuddler”. I felt the same as I do with most linalool heavy strains. My shoulders dropped and an immediate ease entered my mind, though with the pressure of a weighted blanket rather than a falling anvil. Sky Cuddler is the perfect bud for lazing in the sun or to decompress without going to sleep, and like all Reef it is weed you can feel good about buying 🌎🌹🌳🥰👖

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