Strain Review: Junglato #29 by Jungle Boys

Junglato – @jungleboys

Lineage/Genetics🧬: TK Lato x Jungle Cake

Breeder/Grower: Jungle Boys

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Junglato #29 Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

👀 frosty ☃️ nugs that are all different shades of green like a beautiful Christmas tree 🎄 with bits of orange pistils sporadically all the trichomes almost made it look snow covered.
👅 as soon I take my first inhale I’m met instantly with a smooth smoke with candy and floral taste. That left me wanting to keep puffing
🧠 about a few minutes after my first exhale I felt relaxed and happy. We smoked a blunt by the pool Christmas morning and I almost feel like I could feel anything that got me upset earlier was instantly erased from my mind and just put me in an all around good place no anxiety no worries . #cannabis #cannabisreviews #cannabisphotography #mmj #florida #miami #jungleboys #junglato



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