Dab Review: Cheese Dog Live Resin by Viola

Cheese 🧀 Dog 🐕 Live Resin- @viola

Lineage/Genetics🧬: cheesy hashplant X UnderDog OG

Breeder/Grower/Processor: Viola

Cheese Dog Live Resin Review

I picked this cultivar out based solely on the name. I love anything cheesy. Big cheese fan so I had to scoop it up. recently I had queso Perro rosin and I just thought this has the same name just in English but not the same genetics. Just a funny fun fact.
👃 when I open up the jar. I’m immediately hit in the face with a cheesy skunk 🦨 aroma . With a hint of sweetness but so faint you won’t catch it unless you take a small deep inhale .
👅 earth sweet floral on the inhale and skunky cheese 🧀 on the exhale
🧠 after one This live resin left me feeling balanced . Perfect for a Friday afternoon. After a second dab I found my self slinking down in my seat . Eyes a little lower and just feel all weight of the world off my shoulders. I had a job interview earlier so I waited until after to celebrate and I couldn’t be happier this Friday afternoon . After about 15 mins I just find myself in a good mood with a bit of hunger coming on. After my 3rd dab I find myself super vibing and chill watching NFL hard knocks with colts. It provides that nice focus to pay attention to what you are doing but without that feeling that I need to keep doing things because of anxiety .
@viola is always a good find when it’s around. #cheesedog #viola #cannabisconcentrate #cannabisreview #cannabisphotography #liveresin



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