Dab Review: Secret Kush Mints Live Resin by Viola

Secret Kush Mints (Secret Cookies x Kush Mints) I’ve found is also called hidden pastry dependent on the cultivar, but this one by @viola_colorado is incredible.

Lineage/Genetics: Secret Cookie x Kush Mints

Original Breeder: Green Dot Labs

Processor: Viola

Secret Kush Mints Live Resin Review

I’ve had it once before in a live badder from them as well (further down my page) and that was what turned me on to the strain. I’ve kinda been looking for it ever since, not very popular in Fort Collins at all. I can still smell that live badder 🤤

Dominant terpenes I found:

  • a-pinene (not much in smell or taste but the heavy effects were felt)
  • Limonene (definitely in the taste more than smell, easy to feel it with this)
  • Linalool (heavy in smell and taste and high)
  • B-caryophyllene (also heavy in all)

This is a tricky high to describe. It gives you an immediate pressure behind the eyes and forehead (but has little to no Myrcene at all) and comes in what felt like to me, 3 waves over about 15 minutes. In words that make it easier for you guys to get how I’m specifically feeling it’s energizing, hazy and happy/relaxing. It’s a potent high, even for a daily dabber.

Almost forgot the smell/taste, it’s really sweet. The opposite of fruity sweet but has a sharp gas and woodsy smell along with it. The longer you smell it the less sweet it gets. Taste wise is very similar but there is some citrus in it.



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