Strain Review: Sherb Crasher by Veritas

This culture is full of chaos. Good and bad. Good chaos looks like an entire drop of viola gone in a day, bad chaos is when marketing has a negative influence on the practices of multiple grows and operations, lots we don’t even know about. You all know it happens; greed takes over passion for some in this industry. Veritas, though a respectable company in itself let the influence of heavy marketing shift their attention away from the plant itself, thanks @denver.cookies 🤨

Anyways, this is Sherb Crasher (Sunset Sherbert x Wedding Crashers) from @veritascannabis , regardless of the recent drama this was a quality cut.

Lineage/Genetics: Sunset Sherbert x Wedding Crashers

Original Breeder: Seed Junky Genetics

Grower: Veritas

Sherb Crasher Strain Review

Again, marketing has a huge influence on cannabis. Good marketing can sell anything but some cannabis operations rely on it. I was craving their jars; the only packaging for flower I’ve had that has its terpene content. Upon cracking the seal, I was hit with a waft of the smell of a French bakery. Almonds, butter and dough were the 3 biggest notes that entered my nose. It’s sweet and earthy, no signs of citrus in sight, which indicated to me that the high was going to be heavy. It wasn’t fresh, just the right cure to hear the *snap* breaking off a piece.

Dominant terpenes are Myrcene, caryophyllene and limonene surprisingly enough. These terpenes typically do not produce the smell coming off of this, which goes to show how ratios of each determine what you’ll notice greatly. Those 3 terps are also response for GMO’s funk, but definitely give this strain its heavy musky feeling on the nose. The limonene was felt more in the high; it was extremely hazy but made time feel slower too. The haze made my brain feel like an electric fence while my body was sinking. Cultivars like this are either very light and relaxing, or hit you enough to feel stoned, all about how your system reacts with its terpene/cannabinoid content. #KUSHHOUSE



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