Dab Review: Peachnana Cookies Live Resin by Chronic Creations

Peachnana Cookies (Peach Banana x Meat The Cookies) grown by Verts here in foco and processed by @chronic_creationsco 🍑 🍌 🥩

Lineage/Genetics: Peach Banana x Meat The Cookies

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Verts

Processor: Chronic Creations

Peachnana Cookies Live Resin Review

Always a pleasure to try something new. In this case, completely new in every aspect besides the type of product. These genetics are Verts, I’ve never had chronic creations as well. In fact try to find any information about this strain and you’ll struggle just as much lol. The only thing I could find was the lineage of meat the cookies: ((Cookies & Cream x Meat Breath) x Peanut Butter Breath). I don’t necessarily enjoy Vert’s philosophies but they really know what they’re doing with their grow. Chronic Creations on the other hand has always looked to be clean and with the multiple grows they work with, they have tenure because of it in my opinion. Texture wise, this is the typical wet and rocky live resin. Diamonds are all relatively sized the same, and the terpene content holds it all together on the tool nicely. If you were to collect a dab on a tool of this and hold it upside down it might form a drop on the end like a tiny ball, just sticky enough to hang onto the tool.

With strains like this it’s best to look away from the gram, have an empty canvas in the mind and trust what your senses tell you. Given that these genetics are unique, terpene testing is also hard to come by. Based on the sweet and floral notes, this is very high in limonene, linalool and humulene on the backend. In fact that humulene kinda gives it an overripe peach smell, more so the skin of the peach. The first whiff presents a huge blast of tropical fruit. Smelling this puts a mental image of a park in Japan with a bunch of cherry blossoms or something for some reason. It’s a beautiful strain, and it’s taste is actually extremely peachy and a little bit bitter.

Uniqueness like this breeds new experiences, and this was a new feeling to me. I don’t think just ANY person could enjoy the gentle but loud effects this gives, but you’ll know if it’s hitting your ECS how it likes. At first you get a bit disappointed because it didn’t settle in the eyes heavy like some cultivars tend to even on the first inhale.

This settled in about 5 minutes after dabbing. It’s gentle at first, but you can feel it entering your blood stream and breaking that blood-brain barrier. A warmth settles across the outside of your brain, and as fast as a storm can start in CO’s random ass climate, this will start to make itself at home in your body. Your eyes will shrink and you’ll be stuck thinking “since when was I this high?”


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