Strain Review: Baby Doll by Fig Farms

Baby Doll 👼🏿

Lineage/Genetics: Wedding CakeKush Mints

Breeder: Fig Farms

Grower: Fig Farms

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Baby Doll Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

27.17% Total THC
30.93% Total Cannabinoids
Prod10/21 Pack11/21
♥️Sweet and sour berry notes with faint bubble gum aroma that mixes with the unique kush mints flavor.hints of and wood mixed in. The aroma has a sillage like presence, the an initially strong, lingering,light hashness on the nose . The Wedding Cake is present while the kush mints kind of cuts the intensity up front but a fills the spaces well.
👼🏿Super sticky big unrefined nugs. Forest green and pale violet purple hues dominate the flower. Up close the violet gives off a velvet aesthetic to the flowers texture especially at the tips of the leaves, thats where u can see the unique dark violet color the best. The darker green and purple hues are balanced with light green leaves with a yellow tinge getting brighter and more pale as u get closer to the stem.
♥️Strong wedding cake vibes with lingering kush mints feel. I taste a fuel like berry presence up front while the more airy kush mints fills the spaces in-between cutting down the initial strength a little giving an smoother smoky hit. Hints of kush and berries leave a slight hashy after taste. About halfway through it felt like i was smoking some straight og.
👼🏿Potent consistent puffs with a nice subtle kick. The high started quick with relaxing, calming effects that slowly built up to uplifting, slightly energizing and creative push.Ended with subtle comedown that left me sociable and engaging. The high was defintely indica Dominant but had a nice consistent cerebral effect to balance me out. I really enjoyed this one more than the Kush Mints, which is just a little too light of a smoke for me but the effects are amazing. I picked this one over the 6th Sense (which i plan on getting later) just because I havent seen anyone talking about this Baby Doll. Overall its a great indica Dominant hybrid, great for sharing or a wake and bake honestly id smoke it anytime , the nugs broke down well, it was sticky af and its a nice smoke with a hint flavor. It helped me adjust my mood throughout the day and find some fun in the mundaneness of life.



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