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Strain Review: Ice Cream Cake by Herbal Dynamics

Ice Cream Cake (Gelato 33 x Wedding Cake) by @herbal_dynamics 🍰 Lineage/Genetics: Wedding Cake x Gelato 33 Original Breeder: Seed Junky Genetics Grower: Herbal Dynamics Terpene Profile: Unknown Dispensary: AmeriCanna Rx

Ice Cream Cake Strain Review

Ice Cream Cake has gorgeous bag appeal. The nugs are characterized by a beautiful medley of midnight purple, dark green, and burnt orange all covered in a snow bank’s worth of silver trichrome frosting. Breaking open a bud reveals a gradient of eye-popping purples and sticky trichromes. Its just one of those eye-candy strains that sell based on appearance alone. That being said, appearance isn’t all that the ICC has going for it. 🤩 Opening a jar releases a whole lot of sweet dessert terps. The gelato and wedding cake are on full display here, spearheading the strong sugary nose. It is sickly sweet in the best way, but it also has a doughy quality, as well as a more subtle layer of pungent gas underneath. Breaking open a nug really enhances the sugary and gassy quality of the scent. It’s a straightforward but highly appealing aroma. 🍬 The taste is sweet, creamy, and cakey. The vanilla and cream terps from the gelato are firing on all cylinders, while there are also some layers of petrol, earthiness, and nuttiness. Those layers are more subtly intertwined under the bigger umbrella of sickly sweet dessert terps that drench the strain and permeate each bud. 🎂 The high starts off with a light cerebral quality, but by the time I sat down a couple minutes later, I felt like an anvil had been dropped in my lap. It produces a strong body and couch-lock feeling, but it is also extremely relaxing and cerebral. The strain can be classified as an effortlessly smooth smoke. It was tasty all the way down, even on re-lights, and it burned perfectly with each cone. 😶‍🌫️ This strain is obviously phenomenal. The bag appeal, smell, flavor, high, etc. are all on point. ICC checks every box across the board effortlessly. It makes sense why the strain doesn’t stay on shelves for more than like a week when it drops. This is my first time trying a strain from @herbal_dynamics and it is certainly impressive. Picked up at @americannapdx_2.0 s/o @dankhashgod 🔥 #pdx #portland #oregon #legal #flowers #plants #beautiful #fun #tasty #colors #frosty #icecream #cake #fire #sweet #dessert #green #purple #delicious
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Check out more reviews by @pnw_chronic on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/pnw_chronic)

One thought on “Strain Review: Ice Cream Cake by Herbal Dynamics

  • Ice Cream Cake is one of my favorite strains if you get a good batch of it from a dispensary. If grown right by which ever cultivator you should really enjoy any and every session with I.C.C. its got that bag appeal it’s got the smell and the taste! Sweet and pungent slight gas and all the way class!.


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