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Strain Review: Forbidden Grape by Pacific Reserve

Forbidden Grape 🍇🚫 Lineage/Genetics: Forbidden FruitGrapefruit Original Breeder: Pacific Reserve Grower: Pacific Reserve Terpene Profile: Unknown

Forbidden Grape Strain Review

. 25.22% THC 25.38% Total Cannabinoids . @pacificreserve . 🍇Potent forbidden fruit aroma hits your nose with heavy grape and citrus notes and a hint of fuel. The scent stains your nose and fingers. . 🔥I see two different phenos , the first and more prominent in the jar are there nigga with bright spring green leaves and long vibrant Dusty orange hairy pistils. There other pheno is a deep violet hue with lime green outer leaves.b The pistils are the same color but alot smaller in the violet nug. Trichomes heavily cover both phenos creating a beautiful shine that completes the forbidden feel. Very sticky as you break down it kept a kushy texture all the v way through and was great to roll with. . 🔥Grapey citrus flavor with strong forbidden fruit notes. The grapefruit flavor subtlety cuts through the forbidden fruit sweetness but still didn’t takeaway from the flavor or potency. I think the grapefruit gave it a little more hashy taste on the backed. . 🍇Super potent with flavor, the high defintely matched. The first few puffs left me feeling a little loopy and silly. My mood uplifted and my appetite quickly followed the strong sweet fruity aroma and flavors stick to you kinda altering how everything tastes and smells at first. The high is long lasting and relaxing, a great potent ended of the day treat, difficult to hotbox lol? Great for dealing with stress. SUPERLATEPOST
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