Strain Review: Project 4516 by Jungle Boys

Project 4516 ☣️ 🏗

Lineage/Genetics: Gelato 45Platinum Puff (Platinum OG x Grateful Breath)

Original Breeder: Grandiflora Genetics

Grower: Jungle Boys

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Delivery: Lakeside Delivery

Jungle Boys Project 4516 Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

25.5931% THC
0.05778% CBD
30.7968% Total Cannabinoids
🏗Pungent deep creamy gelato aroma on top with a kushy earthy body with spice ,sour dank and cleaner notes and hints of pine on the backend
☣️The flower had medium sized dense sticky soft nugs. They kept great structure while breaking down. The leaves are a deep emerald green cor mixed with some forest green hues and some indigo lightly sprinkled in the darker areas. The pistils are a vivid bold orange adding a nice contrast to the darker and greener colors
☣️The flavor is smooth creamy and potent with spice notes and hints of piney sharpness on the backend i could basically taste the gelato first then the OG second.
🏗The high for this was amazing the first few hits had me feeling really good and mellow and then I started to feel uplifted with alot of energy, i was locked on youtube watching a podcast then i played some music and really enioyed myself before taking a mid afternoon nap. the high lasted a long time quickly helping you build up energy and change your mood maybe best when yoi have something use all of you energy on like creative projects or just starting the day with a wake n bake

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