Strain Review: Animal Face by Fig Farms (2022)

Animal Face 🦓🥶

Lineage/Genetics: Face Off OG ❎ Animal Mints

Original Breeder: Seed Junky Genetics

Grower: Fig Farms

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Fig Farms Animal Face Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

31.97% THC
36.48% Total Cannabinoids
🦓The aroma was very similar to the Blue Face strain in the previous review, that “Blue” aroma that smells like a mix of mint cookies and cleaner is slightly softer, you can smell a slightly more woodsy cookie aroma.
🐲Big nugs with spaced out kolas. The flower has a more fluffy kushy appearance with Vivid forest green leaves and an emerald green on the outer leaves. The colors get lighter as you get closer to the stem. The pistils are light orange and long while the trichomes are sugary white crystals that are caked on every cm of the flower.
🦓The flavor is very similar to the Blue Face (check the previous post) You still taste that “Blue” flavor I describe as mint, cookies and Windex except its a little lighter. The woodsy cookie flavor stands out a littler more in this one while the blue carries through to the back end giving a nice sharp kick and lingering aftertaste.
🐲The high was very similar to the Blue Face(check the previous post). You still get nice rush of energy and a cerebral high except this one hits the body a little harder, The high is very intense and great for high tolerance users I really enjoyes rolling this one up.



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