Delivery Review: Fig Farms Blue Face from Lakeside Delivery (tampered with jar)

Blue Face 🧞‍♂️

Lineage/Genetics: (face off OG ❎  animal mints (blue pheno)

Original Breeder: Seed Junky Genetics

Grower: Fig Farms

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Delivery: Lakeside Delivery

Lakeside Delivery Fig Farms Blue Face Review

Bred @seedjunkygenetics_jbeezy
31.87% THC
36.20% Total Cannabinoids

I ordered from @lakeside_delivery and Unfortunately the jar was tampered with. The safety sticker was broken and the seal wasnt secured and one of the nugs looked pressed together by a finger. This was on sale. I contacted lakeside about it but did not receive a response.
I love @fig.farms usually they’re flavors are fruity this strain was a little different, they still didn’t miss tho the flower was weighed in point even if someone did steal a piece and it was still fresh, give them a try they’re based on Oakland💯
🧞‍♂️Strong aroma of sweet herbal cookie notes with a potent sweet unqiue sharp floral fuel backend. Herbal notes are woody and like fresh tree bark while the sweeter fuel mix is like Windex cookies and mints in 1
🥶The nugs are big and a bit unrefined. Stick to the touch the Trichomes give off a resinous shine. The nugs are a vivid forest green with slight indigo tint on the darker leaves. The pistils develop in small light brown/orange clusters. The breakdown is super sticky and grainy and the smell sticks to your fingers.
🧞‍♂️Off the inhale i get herbal floral earthy notes with hints of sweet fuel and strong cookie and mint tones. The blue taste is like a sticky sweet mix of windex, mints and cookies. Fig farms describes the flower as freshly rubbed eraser, redwood bark, ginger and window cleaner.
🥶The high was very potent, and long lasting i really enjoyed the high. At first a rush of energy started in my core and went straight up to my mind before dropping back down into my limbs. The high was really intense every hit was fuel to the rush i was feeling, it felt like i had alot of energy but just couldn’t expell it, the rush lingered in my brain making me feel a little restless before the inevitable couchlocked crash which was very relaxing . A super stoney and Spacey high something for the high tolerance users, itll definitely make you feel fresh off a detox.

Fig Farms Update

@illegal.noseslide hmu a few days after the BlueFace Review and got me on track to get a replacement jar for that tampered one. I wanna personally say thanks to Raina and Mike for getting me a fresh one I really appreciate it and from baydestrian to baydestrian, I rarely see companies reach out and correcting mistakes when they’re at fault, so I REALLY appreciate this even though @fig.farms wasnt at fault they still took responsibility for providing a great high as well as customer service. I ended up grabbing more of the Babydoll because I still had some of the 6th sense left from a previous purchase. Special thanks to Raina for the kindness, patience and speed of getting everything figured out. Yes its that good that I grabbed it like 4 times 😂 @ko_smokez likes the Babydoll while im more of the 6th sense but they’re both amazing and were in daily roto for a week💯 THANKS AGAIN FOR REACHING OUT💯💯



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