Strain Review: Triangle Larry #1 by Jungle Boys


Lineage/Genetics: Triangle Kush x Larry OG

Original Breeder: Jungle Boys

Grower: Toluca Lake Collective

Distributor: 24k Exotics

Triangle Larry #1 Strain Review

By: @jungleboys @tolucalakecollective
Via: @24k_exotics_backup
(THC: 26.9%, CBD: 0.07%, Cannabinoids: 31.8%)

Appearance: Triangle Larry has a ‘loosely-packed’, airy structure housing well developed, swollen and trichome drenched calyx groupings. Triangle Larry has a light green, mint/pear complexion, with wirey bronze and golden pumpkin trichomes. Incredible, fluffy grind. Only visible knock would be a leafy trim job.

Nose: Possessing the fragrance of a classic OG, Triangle Larry’s nose leans more sweet and somewhat sour, emphasizing hints of musky pine, skunky lemongrass, and a woodsy diesel. Much more fragrant after grinding up.

Smoke: Triangle Larry boasts a fresh, hoppy, classic kush palate with notes of a citrusy, gassy hash that provides the flavor a sour twist. The exhale coats your throat with a peppery lemon lime like, earthy aftertaste. Really clean burn with all white ash.

Effect: The first hit almost seems to activate the mind/senses, but I found my head immediately heavy. A mellow, clear minded and mildly introspective high. The pressure swirls around the frontal lobe, melting down the face and upper body, releasing tension head to toe.


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