Strain Review: Super Kush Mintz by Lionboldt Farms

Super Kush Mintz

Lineage/Genetics: Animal Mints x Bubba Kush

Original Breeder: Cookies Fam Genetics

Grower: Lionboldt Farms x Weed Without Limits

Super Kush Mintz Strain Review


Super Kush Mintz…. where do I begin this strain might be up top with the El Presidente for me honestly the insane crisp mint inhale and exhale packs a punch like one of those mints your grandmas would carry around in their purse..

But all jokes aside this shit really kills every other Kush Mintz I’ve tried and there’s a Super there for a reason don’t forget it. If you haven’t tried this I suggest you get some immediately it will change your perspective on Kush Mintz. No hate to seedjunky but idk man this shit has topped almost everything I’ve tried out the dispo from him. Anything you put in the hands of @weedwithoutlimits_ x @lionboldt_farms is sure as hell gonna be some heat.

Structure wise their flower is always a 10/10 and the smokes matches the looks all day and this shits smoking at a 10/10 for me and that’s a hard one to get out of me. The flavor also had a slight creme taste out of it and tasted like a beautiful scoop of mint ice cream. The gassy exhale and inhale is always what makes this a 10/10 for me flavor wise it was potent unlike a lot of companies. Like I said it’s not hate to some of these other brands but y’all need to step up your game cause these guys don’t play when in come to growing the best flower in the world.



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