Dab Review: Triangle Mints Live Rosin Badder by Alpine Vapor

Animal Mints X Triangle Kush
Solventless Live Rosin Badder

Lineage/Genetics: Triangle Kush x Animal Mints

Original Breeder: Seed Junky Genetics

Processor: Alpine Vapor

Alpine Vapor Triangle Mints Live Rosin Badder Review

Huge shout out to @speedyweedy I had my first in person visit the other day to the vista location, and I was beyond impressed! The selection, the low tickets, & that there tickets are all-inclusive; What you see is what you give. Excuse me for not being able to say certain words in describing that, y’all know how the algorithms work. I repeat nothing is forsale here, nothing is ever for sale, reviews, photography and educational Info only! So with that being said, Speedy Weedy really impressed me, the employees all struck up conversations with me, and expressed clear knowledge for the industry and products. They all treated me with the upmost respect and made me feel appreciated! And I totally appreciate them and how they handled biz. Grateful to be turned on to such an outstanding dispensary !
Y’all know im a flower guy, but I love me some solventless. So here’s a quick review of ALPINES TRIANGLE MINTS!

Appeal: 90/100
Thick creamy beige greasy badder, looks like greasy silly puddy or peanut butter. Easily workable badder.

Aroma: 91/100
Heavy gassy diesel, somewhat similar to an og, but with a heavy herbal cookie cream layer, behind that is a pungent pine and minty menthol mix. Similar to vicks rub and pine needles. Sour danks, sour chem. Sweet creamy cookie.

Burn 88/100 Taste 91/100
Burns clean smooth & pure. EXPANDO LUNG! Heavy gas & diesel, with a strong pine layer, minty menthol. Lemon gas, herbal musky cookie flavors. Sour dank and sour chem, sweet cream cookie.

Effect 88/100 potency 86/100
I only did 2 small puffs, meant for tasting, and surprisingly I got nice and toasty! The body buzz was the strongest, with heavy chest pressure, and deep gravitational pull, the mind had a light Stoney buzz, with a creative uplifting focus. More puffs could’ve enhanced the headchange but I was satisfied from the 2 small puffs. Nice enjoyable buzz for 1.5hours off the 2 tiny puffs. Warm & fuzzy,

Overall 88/100
Very good! It’s an outdoor solventless rosin badder, making it consumer friendly, & still high quality with pure process!

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