Dab Review: Point Break RCO by FFEPDX

This FFEPDX x Grown Rogue Point Break (Tropicana Cookies x Trophy Wife) RCO had a light gassy smell when I unscrewed the cap. The oil had great clarity with a solid yellow tint too it.

Lineage/Genetics: Tropicana Cookies x Trophy Wife

Grower/Processor: Grown Rogue/Farmer’s Friend Extracts

Point Break RCO Review

The Point Break had a strong gassy orange flavor with a slight generic taste to it that tingled my nose when dabbing. I found the profile to be pretty nice and true to Point Break I’ve had in the past. There was some harshness to note that lingered after dabbing but it was pretty smooth overall.

The high was quite strong and stoney in my head with some nice full body relief 🤗 I found this RCO to be very potent and some great night time meds for me. Great complexity to the high and not lacking at all 💪🏼

To test the Point Break as oral medicine, I took a capsule filled about halfway full with the RCO. The effects were very relaxing and kept me totally pain free. The high was probably better suited for nighttime meds as it was pretty heavy and made me want to take a nap in the middle of the day (not that that’s not normal for me 😅).

Overall I actually enjoyed this Point Break RCO a lot more than I thought I would. As you know if you have been following closely with my reviews, I generally use this type of oil as affordable oral medicine as opposed to a dabbable. However this RCO was quite tasty with only minimal generic flavor and a little harshness left behind. It was also very potent with great medicinal effects. I’m still planning to use the rest in capsules, but if you are shopping for something to dab in this price point I definitely have to recommend checking out this Point Break RCO from FFEPDX.

Made 1/9/22

Tested 1/14/22 ChemHistory

This review was sponsored by FFEPDX

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