Cultivar Review: SeaBreezy by Upcountry Cannabis


Lineage/Genetics: (Point Break x Cindy Mac)

Grown by: Upcountry Cannabis @upcountrycannabis 💧

Original Breeder: Unknown

Terpene Profile: Unknown

SeaBreezy Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

seabreezy by upcountry cannabis strain review by pnw_chronic 2SeaBreezy has astounding bag appeal. The exotic-looking buds are vaguely spear-shaped with a barbed configuration of spiked leafage and serpentine pistils. The base coloration is lime green, but most of the leafage is a dark violet, almost blackened, hue. Each nug has trichome coverage thats so ubiquitous, the leaves and pistils appear to be reaching out through a nebulous sea of sparkling crystals 😍

The fragrance that radiates from SeaBreezy is magnificent. Its a zesty orange rind aroma that’s overflowing with succulent citrus. Ambiguous layers of limoncello, floral orange blossom, and cinnamon spice orbit around the central citrus aroma, adding nuance and intensity to the overall presentation. Breaking the flower down releases a sour and floral orange funk, and increases the piquancy in the cinnamon notes 🍊

The flavor on SeaBreezy is just as vibrant as the scent. It overwhelms the palette with an explosion of artificial orange paired with an undercurrent of astringent, almost umami, sourness. Aerated notes of cinnamon, cardamom, and basil support the primary profile along with a subtle, herbal-earthiness. The sour funk in the cultivar evolves into a burning chemical raunch as the joint burns down, tasting like mandarin jarritos mixed with warheads and battery acid 🤤

The effect on SeaBreezy is remarkable. It’s a cerebrally-charged, euphoria inducing high that leaves the user feeling satisfied and cognitively sharp. It’s an uplifting, energizing effect thats best used at the start of the day, as a midday pick me up, or any time you want to burn down and keep things moving. The flower burns perfectly, smoothly, and slowly to the last hit 😶‍🌫️

All in all, SeaBreezy is a phenomenal cultivar. It checks all the boxes easily, but what stands out the most is the prominence of the flavor. Its an absolute palette stainer, consuming the lips, tongue, and mouth with an indulgent orange spice. If you haven’t checked them out, Upcountry uses hydropower and hydroponics to produce some of the most unique flower in Oregon. Extraordinary work all around 🔥

*not for sale, educational only*

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