Cultivar Review: Banana Cream Cake x Jealousy by Terpmongers

Banana Cream Cake X Jealousy aka BCCJ

Grown by: Terpmongers @terpmongers

Originally bred by: Seed Junky Genetics @seedjunky_jbeezy ✨

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Terpmongers Banana Cream Cake x Jealousy Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

banana cream cake x jealousy by terpmongers strain review by pnw_chronicThe BCCJ has captivating visual appeal. The primary coloration is bright, minty green with some minor, dark green foliage. Mild mauve shading and tiny orange pistil spots appear here and there, but overall the flower is a classic green color that’s just a treat for the eyes. A pale sheen settles over the top of each nug from a wispy cover of crystalline trichomes 🤩

The nose on the BCCJ is magnificent. It has a lurid fragrance of rich cream and toasted vanilla. The aroma has a sweet, scintillating zing with an undercurrent of dulcet dough, ephemeral nuttiness, and frothy banana. Breaking the flower open releases more vibrant banana and candy notes, generating a sugary zest that emanates from the flower. Overall, the fragrance is reminiscent of freshly baked banana bread 🍌

The taste on BCCJ is just as astounding as the scent, consisting of a loud medley of vanilla cream and banana. The banana flavor is tangible, with a succulent, fruity quality that legitimately tastes like mashed bananas. The profile has an aerated, effervescent quality to each hit that adds depth to the flavor. It grows more caramelized, doughy, and gassy as the joint burns down until the lips and tongue are completely soaked with candied gas. The flavor reminds me of banana flavored Nesquick and banana bread with a splash of gasoline 🧁

The effect on BCCJ is prominent. By the end of the first joint, I could feel waves of palpating stimulation flowing through my head. It’s a relaxing high that’s moderately heavy, leaving me with heavy eyes and slumped shoulders. The flower is slightly sticky, moreso when broken up, and produces a moderate amount of large grained kief when ground. It burns perfectly, smoothly, and slowly all the way down to the filter 😶‍🌫️

All in all, I absolutely loved the BCCJ. It’s a banana cultivar that smells like banana bread, tastes like banana-cream flavored gasoline, and slaps harder than Donkey Kong. Terpmongers consistently knocks it out of the park with top-notch expressions that can’t be found anywhere else. Phenomenal work on all fronts 🔥

*nothing for sale, educational only*

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