Cultivar Review: Tom Brady by Eugreen Farms

Tom Brady

Lineage/Geentics: (Biscotti x Red Runtz)

Grown by: Eugreen Farms @eugreen_notill

Originally bred by: Exotic Genetix @exoticgenetix_official ✨

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Tom Brady Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

tom brady by eugreen farms strain review by pnw_chronicTom Brady has astounding visual appeal. Characterized by big, beautiful buds with barbed leafage, the flower is essentially dripping in trichomes. Flawlessly-formed, incandescent resin glands top each stalk with heads so colossal they can be seen with the naked eye. Deep violet and green foliage is noticeable under the crystalline trich coverage, along with linear, pastel-orange pistils that reach out from the surface 😍

The smell that wafts out of a jar of TB is absolutely ambrosial. Its a sweet, candied fragrance with layers of simple syrup, muddled cherry, and skunky, petrol-tinged funk. The sweetened side of profile has a deep, subtle candied attribute that teasingly washes over the senses. Breaking the buds open releases piquant notes of caramelized sugar and black cherry, as well as leaving a confectionary candied smell on the fingers 🤤

The flavor on TB is simply exquisite. It has a cloyingly-sweet candied inhale, with an exhale that’s remarkable for succulent black cherry. It has subtle notes of vanilla cream, pastry dough, and earthy skunkiness with a simmering gas undercurrent. The flavor grows increasingly doughy and creamy as the flower burns down, leaving a decadent, sweetened aftertaste on the lips. Overall, Id compare the flavor to a jar of cherries if they were pickled in kerosene and encrusted in raw sugar 🍒

The effect on TB is extraordinary. Its a heavy, medicating high that generates cognitive fog, pressure around the outside of the head and face, and an overall feeling of relaxation and heaviness that cascades through the body. The flower is sticky, leaves darkened residue on the fingers after handing and produces a moderate to heavy amount of powdered kief when ground. The flower burns perfectly and so smoothly ☁️

All in all, Tom Brady is a phenomenal cultivar. It’s jaw-droppingly gorgeous, it has an aromatic and flavor profile that’s tantalizing, and the high hits like a pallet of bricks. Eugreen always seems to capture some of the most realistic and accurate flavor profiles around and this is no exception 🔥

*nothing for sale, educational only*

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