Cultivar Review: Studio 54 by Terpmongers

Studio 54

Lineage/Genetics: (Sunset Sherb x Oz Kush 54)

Grown by: Terpmongers @terpmongers

Originally bred by: Doja Exclusive x Wizard Trees x Deep East @doja.pak @wizard_trees @deofarms ✨

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Terpmongers Studio 54 Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

studio 54 by terpmongers strain review by pnw_chronicStudio 54 has stunning bag appeal. The buds are medium-to-large sized, dense, and roughly spear-like in terms of shape. The primary coloration is lime green with a scaly layer of darkened purple and green leafage interspersed by thick, red-orange pistil fibers. Trichomes encrust each bud, covering the surfaces in intentangled groupings of stalks and resin glands 🤩

Studio 54 has an astonishing aroma. It’s a tangy, citrus orange and lemon juice fragrance with a vulgar, sour tinge. It dances the line between sour, fruity, and sweet, generating an aroma that is both distinct and incredibly ambrosial. Breaking the flower down reveals a spiced and candied back end that lightly tickles the nostrils with an ephemeral zest. The fragrance on the flower is actually reminiscent of OJ and orange zest 🍊

The taste on Studio 54 is a tart and sugary sour citrus kick to the mouth. It’s tangy, juicy, and bitingly raunchy with layers of orange, acerbic lemon, and subtle pine. It manages to encapsulate so many layers of flavor from sour to sweet to fruity, and even a tactile savoriness that tickles the tongue. The flower leaves a tart orange flavor on the palette that inundates the senses for an extended amount of time after consuming. The flavor reminds me of freshly squeezed orange juice, tang powder, and Sunny D 🤤

The effect on Studio 54 is remarkable. It’s a relaxing and intoxicating high that leaves the consumer feeling dazed and euphoric with enough cognitive wherewithal to still be functional. Overall, I felt wonderful after comsuming this flower. Its somewhat sticky, moreso when broken up, and creates a mild amount of large grain kief. The flower burns perfectly and smoothly all the way down 😶‍🌫️

All in all, I loved smoking through the Studio 54. It’s reminiscent of Tropicana strains like Point Break because of the vividness of the orange aroma and flavoring, but it has a much more astringent, sour kush and gas background that consumers are sure love. Phenomenal work from Terpmongers 🔥

*Educational purposes only, nothing for sale ever*

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