10 signs a song might be about weed

I’ve been researching songs about weed for years now. A lot of us cannabis users have.

Now there are obvious hints in the title sometimes. Songs about Kush or usually about kush named strains not the mountain range.  Here are ten signs that a song you’re listening to might be about weed. With examples!

  1. There’s a girl named Mary
  2. There’s a girl named Jane
  3. The song is exactly 4:20 minutes long
  4. Gas is referred to as being smoked instead of put in cars
  5. There’s a reference to being rolled up when dead
  6. Pounds, not kilos
  7. There’s the sound of bubbling in the intro
  8. There’s the sound of a lighter flicking in the intro
  9. The song involves a window
  10. The song features Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, or Willie Nelson

Caleb Chen

4spiring trailblazer. 2day, I'm thankful for my readers. 0h, and Grand Mammy Green.

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