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The Press Club Announces HashRight™ Freeze Dryer: Specially Designed for Hash

[FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE] Hashtown, USA – The Press Club has been awarded a patent on their up and coming HashRight™ Freeze Dryer. The design process has lasted for several years. This new product has been years in the making and comes with so much built in demand given the existing freeze dryer playing field. Kudos to Press Club for making it this far. Can’t wait to see where it goes.

The Press Club Announces HashRight™ Freeze Dryer

The Press Club proudly announced on Instagram:


Today we want to share some really big news with the community…📣

In 2020, we started developing and testing our own freeze drying technology since we weren’t happy with what was available on the market.

The only company back then who made freeze dryers made it very clear to the hash community that they didn’t support us.

Fed up with freeze dryers calibrated for food instead of h&sh backed with terrible customer service, we were determined to do something about this. We knew we could do better so we set out to make our own…

Our goal was to create a much better and dependable freeze dryer specifically for hash that was made for the community by the community.

What we thought would take a year or so turned into a 4-year long journey but we finally made it to the finish line 🏁

After thousands of hours of R&D, we finally received patent approval for our new freeze drying technology specifically calibrated for drying h&sh.

Coming 2025: The Press Club’s HASHRIGHT™ Freeze Dryer”

It wasn’t an easy but we want to thank everyone who has been involved through this long and arduous process but we f*cking did it 🎉🥳

Stay locked-in, more details to come…

The Press Club HashRight™ Patent Approved

the press club unveils hashright freeze dryer coming 2024
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