Product Review: The Press Club Rosin Production Supplies

Today I’m doing a review of a collection of products from The Press Club that are meant to help improve the experience of pressing rosin. They sent me a package with their 2×4 37u rosin bags, their premium parchment paper and a metal collection plate. I’ve been using Press Club bags for a few years now with great success. I’ve gone through hundreds of bags and haven’t had any issues with blowouts. I was excited when I saw they sent me their premium parchment paper and collection plate to try out 😁🕵️

The Press Club rosin bags are great quality and come in various sizes and microns for different applications. I use the 2×4 bags with my 3×5 plates and I use 37u for both flower and hash. The bags have The Press Club’s signature pink stitching and are made in the USA from food grade nylon. Using the bags is pretty much the same as other bags I’ve used. They feel premium, are easy to fill and fold, and I didn’t have any issues with blowouts when trying the bags I was sent.

The premium parchment paper worked really well for me. It’s got a nice thickness to it and a nonstick side to make getting the rosin off the parchment nice and easy. The parchment was easy to work with, I didn’t have any issues with tearing, and the rosin came right off the parchment when collecting.

As for the collection plate, I love the shape and size of it 🙌🏼 I keep it in the freezer until I’m ready to use it and it worked great for helping to collect that extra terpy rosin. Definitely a nice upgrade from the random piece of metal I was using before 😅

Overall I found all of the items I reviewed to be high quality and great additions to my rosin pressing routine. I definitely recommend checking out products from The Press Club for your solventless production needs 💯

This review was done for The Press Club


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