Strain Review: Minnit Made by Grandiflora Genetics

Minnit made by grandiflora genetics

Lineage/Genetics: Project 4156 x zkittlez #6

Original Breeder/Grower: Grandiflora Genetics

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Minnit Made Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

When I first started getting in to exotic buds and cali based companies, I knew nothing about any of the companies other then cookies… as I did my research, I kept coming across strains from a compnay called grandiflora… their buds were absolutely gorgeous… always covered in trichs with some of the craziest genetics. Unfortunately it took me a long as time to get my hands on any of their stuff and I really didn’t like what I tried. It was the hectane, west Mac and something else I can’t remember. They were honestly so bad! From then on out, no matter how good their buds looked online, I refused to try anything from them. That was until this strain came around… I had seen a review from one of my favorite reviewers @thefirescale giving super high praise to it, so I figured I’d give it a try. All I could hope for is that it would be better then the other strains I had from them. Let’s see how it compares!

Smell: 9.25/10 as I opened the bag and took a whiff, a huge smile creeped across my face! I wish I could make a cologne out of this stuff! Haha very clean orange flavored soap kind of smell. Very sour citrus smell with some burnt ripper terps in there when you break it down. Very sweet but super musky as well. Perfect mixture of super clean citrus terps and rotten sour terps. I was super impressed and could not keep my nose out the bag! One of my buddies who doesn’t smoke anymore always wants to smell the new strains I get. He said this was his favorite I’ve ever had him smell.

Bag appeal: 8/10 it’s so hard to rate bag appeal on z strains haha cause traditionally it’s not the prettiest strain. Most novice smokers would want nothing to do with it based on its looks. But after smoking tons of Z strains and knowing how it should look and everything, Z strains are absolutely gorgeous in my eyes. That being said I thought this strain was beautiful. Small rounded buds with every color you could imagine in it haha. Mostly bright greens with some dark mixed in. Gorgeous purple hues cover the inside and outside. Beautiful orange hairs absolutely cover the bud. Absolutely perfect cure. The buds were covered in trichomes more then most z crosses I see. Overall beautiful flower.

Smoke: 9.5/10 this was some POWER smoke that tasted freaking delicious. Tasted just like it smelled with those rotten orange citrus terps. Very heavy z taste too. Smoked absolutely perfect every time. Really really enjoyed it. Very uplifting high that made everything a little better then before haha. Colors brighter, music sound better , and jokes funnier. You’ll have an all around fun time smoking this! Youll feel a head change almost immediately. Just a warning tho it is very very strong. Still had great medical effects too. Very good for depression and anxiety. Perfect for hanging with friends or even meeting new people! Enjoyed every second of smoking this bud!

Overall: 9.4/10 now this is the kind of bud I expect from grandiflora haha. Some of the terpiest bud I’ve smoked or smelled all year. Great clean smoke and high. I couldn’t recommend this enough! This would be perfect for so many medical and recreational purposes! Perfect party smoke and even just as good for chilling at home playing video games. Definitely recommend it for during the day tho. For anyone struggling with anxiety and depression or has any kind of trouble getting through their day, this will be a miracle drug for you! Can’t wait till this is back around and can’t wait to try the new stuff grandiflora has coming!



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