Strain Review: Project 4516 by Oakfruitland


LINEAGE/GENETICS – Gelato 45 x Grateful Puff (Platinum OG x Grateful Breath)

ORIGINAL BREEDER – Grandiflora Genetics @grandifloramark @grandifloragenetics

GROWER – Oakfruitland @oakfruitland

CLUB – @mdweed420 @mdcnlweed

Project 4516 Strain Review

LOOKS – 9/10 – Small and dense nugs showing dark and lighter shades of green with deep purple hues throughout. A good covering of sandy coloured trichomes.

SMELL – 8/10 – Very gassy and musky gelato flavour on the nose.

BURN – 8/10 – Burning nice and consistent and scored roughly an 8 on the white ash chart.

TASTE – 9/10 – A very gassy and unique gelato flavour with both creamy and sour flavours that are more intense on my pallet than my nose.

EFFECTS 9/10 -Stoney but clear. I feel the stun but it is not fogging my mind too much.

OVERALL – 44/50

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Check out more reviews by @the_originalcannaseur on Instagram! (

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