Strain Review: Biscotti Cake (Lion’s Cut) by Lionboldt Farms

Biscotti Cake

Lineage/Genetics: Wedding Cake x Biscotti

Original Breeder: Elev8 Seeds

Grower: Lionboldt Farms x Weed Without Limits

Biscotti Cake Lion’s Cut Strain Review

The biscotti cake has such a unique cakey scent to it that catches your nose immediately and makes the hairs on your nose stand up when smelling it. The flavor has a nice biscotti inhale giving it that dark roast flavor with a delicious cake taste with that smooth cream exhale.

The flower from lionboldt is always unmatched by most and they’ll always come up on the top of the list for me but like Ive said I’m always hard to please when it comes to most flower but lionboldt x weedwithoutlimits always takes the cake…pun intended but fr this shits a 10/10 for me cause if it wasn’t for this strain right here we wouldn’t have the almighty El Presidente.



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