Strain Review: Skilatti by The TENco

SKILATI aka Skilatti (Zkittlez x Gelatti)

Lineage/Genetics: Zkittlez x Gelatti

Original Breeder: The TENco

Grower: The TENco

Skilatti Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

I’ll keep this review short and sweet by giving it a small review. The flavor profile was a odd sweet taste almost like inhaling the fresh smell of a candy shop.

The flowers overall looks are on point as usual from the Ten Co but the smoke wasn’t all that much there for me as I’ve said in previous review I tend to lean towards the gassy flowers that pack a punch but personally I’d have to give this flower a 6/10 but if you’re someone who likes a nice light smoke that will keep you grounded this might be a nice go to for you also perfect for my joint and bong smokers out there that don’t wanna kill your lungs with some of the gassier flowers.

Hope everyone’s staying high and healthy out there!

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