Strain Review: Cake Walk by Alien Labs x KUSHFACE

Cake Walk👽🍰🍪

Lineage/Genetics: Wedding Cake x Dosi 12

Original Breeder: Alien Labs and KUSHFACE

Grower: Alien Labs

Cake Walk Strain Review

cake walk by alien labs x kushface strain review by dcent_treeviews 2Colors, terps, structure, frost on this are 💯 and that was my thought before I even smoked it. The smoke is even more impressive than it looks or smells. Terps on this one are dripping with sweet, funky, sugary pastry. There’s definitely a strong punch to the face of sweetness but not a candy or fruity sweetness… It’s kind of like a slightly less gassy alien labs wedding cake ❄️🎂 with a back end of earthy cookie🍪 terps. Smokes hella clean and smooth. In my opinion this is some of the highest quality tree I’ve ever smoked.

I told @alienlabs their next motto needs to be “couchlocked in zero gravity” because that’s how this made me feel 👽🌌 Now I’m thinking the government smoked alien labs tree when they made cannabis a schedule 1 drug. This stuff is hella potent and it had me borderline tripping. When I smoked a 1gram joint of this, it straight up gave me what looked like fish-eye lens vision. On top of that I felt like a thousand ton rock floating around in zero gravity: I was couchlocked like crazy but also with a strong lifted sense of happiness and euphoria so when I did move, I felt like I was floating. Pain, anxiety, stress are non-existent on planet Cake Walk, and if you have stuff to do, you’ll probably not get around to doing it. I had a hard time moving or just being motivated to move in general. I even smoked a fat joint of this once while riding my bike around the park and I ended up watching Netflix on my phone for an hour on a bench because I got too couchlocked after to bike home. Don’t get me wrong this stuff makes me feel hella happy and I was laughing my ass off watching Community on Netflix, but yeah it makes me quite lazy so it’s probably better for later day use or just don’t face a while gram of this at once if you’re trying to be productive. I can’t get enough of this 🍰🍪. Hopefully I saved enough for myself lmao 🔥🔥🔥💯

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